Dr. Noid Wormser hates the 1980s! Armed with his power glove of doom he has vowed to destroy it once and for all. Only one man can save the decade. That man is Dan Camaro.

In this retro platformer, you collect real world memorabilia to save the decade. You progress through the '80s, year by year, collecting thousands of old cassettes, vhs tapes and video game cartridges.

You even learn new skills, fight bosses and unlock arcade minigames as you go.


Super 80s World has been in development for over three years. Starting as a full platformer, the game has evolved for a better mobile fit. Part runner / part platformer, the game utilizes simple controls and fun combination moves to deliver a platformer feel on a mobile device. Without needing an onscreen joystick.

In the first release, the early 80s edition, Dan Camaro will fight his way through five neon worlds set in the first half of the decade.


Six boss battles, four mini games and over 40 levels of:

  • Running, Jumping, Bouncing, Sliding, Flipping, Stomping
  • Gliding, Climbing, Skating, Dodging, Dive-bombing
  • Pixel Art, Power Ups, Minigames, Easter Eggs
  • Nostalgia, Neon, Mullets, Synthesizers & Puns

Five different worlds

The game contains 40 levels spread over five different worlds.

Each year is a different world:

  • 1980 - Wonder Years
  • 1981 - Arcadia
  • 1982 - Miami Nice
  • 1983 - Street Beatz
  • 1984 - Evil Dread

Real-world items to collect

As you play through the levels you need to collect enough memorabilia to save that year.

This includes:

  • Old VHS Tapes
  • Audio Cassettes
  • Video Game Cartridges

You can peruse your collection any time you want a trip down memory lane.

Boss Scenes

While mostly a platformer / runner style game, each world has one or more boss scenes where the hero, Dan Camaro, must face off against the evil Dr. Noid Wormser.

Skills to learn along the way

Over the course of the game you'll learn new lots of new skills to keep things fresh:

  • Double Jump
  • Slide Kill
  • Backflip
  • Dive Bomb
  • Teleport

Level Up

As you progress you collect more memorabilia to reach higher levels of coolness. Here's a taste of the achievements you can attain:


Trailer (Beta)  YouTube


Tradeshow Appearances

  • Too Many Games
  • Smithsonian Indie Arcade
  • Magfest
  • Baltimore Artscape

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