Synthwave Questionnaire - Part 3

Dan Camaro
23 Oct 10:00

This is the third update from the Synthwave Questionnaire. This set of question relates to the synthwave scene and community.

For starters, it looks like most of the community has real life friends that are also into the scene.

Another interesting finding was how many of you out there are metal heads... I did my best to roll up every variation of metal, core and house... it was no small feat. Thanks for introducing me to witch house and visual kei... there's some crazy music out there! Seriously though, it looks like the producer community has a fairly wide range of tastes.

Here's another look where the electronic genres are rolled up a little tighter:

And if you really want to see every little sub-genre...

I left out anything that only received one vote - sorry yodeling and tuvan throat singing...

The following rating scales are from terrible to awesome. I was glad to see the results here leant towards the positive side, despite the random comments to the contrary you might find on facebook.

That's pretty much it. Let me know what you think or if anything surprised you.


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