Synthwave Questionnaire - Part 2

Dan Camaro
23 Oct 00:43

This is the second post on the Synthwave Questionnaire posted to the Synthwave Producers group on 10/19/17. Check here if you haven't read the first post.

The results listed here relate to the how synthwave musicians make their music. Let's start with the most popular DAWs/sequencers. Roughly half of those polled used either FL Studio or Ablleton Live.

Instruments Used

We were a little surprised to discover that more musicians listed guitars than analog soft synths. Although, when you combine all of the hardware and software synthesizers they make up the vast majority of the instruments used. Also, someone out there is playing an electric violin. Sweet! You should post a link to your work in the comments.

For the sticklers out there, please substitute "software synthesizer emulator" everywhere you see SW synth. And thank you for your feedback.

Favorite Synth

The community seems to be using a wide array of synthesizers to make their music - we were unable to chart all of the instruments that received only one vote. It's nice to see such a diverse list. We did roll up the "juno" and "jupiter" synths in the chart below. Still U-he Diva takes the win here.

Secret Weapon

Many producers were unwilling to share their "secret weapon" for making synthwave. Of the results, the answers fell into the following rough categories. Solid drums, (minor) chords and melodies, tape saturation and reverb... lots and lots of reverb.


In the last post many in the community mentioned vocals as being one of the most lacking qualities in synthwave today. It seems many in the community are doing vocals (or kind of). If you chose kind of please comment and tell us what you meant!

Hang the DJ

This chart speaks for itself.


We also asked if your music has been used in film or video games. If anyone has any tips on breaking into this, I'm sure there are many in the community that would love to hear about it.


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