Development Log Entry #1 (Early Gameplay Feedback)

Michael Cowden
01 Mar 00:05

Thanks to everyone who's helped with their valuable feedback during our early beta testing.

Some of the gameplay feedback we've received have made a few things clear for us:

  • There needs to be a demo / introduction level is necessary
  • The game needs to be easier (particularly jumps)
  • Consistent flow and clear end-of-level markers are important
  • People need more time to explore
  • With a name like Dan Camaro, the main character should look more bad-ass
  • Story and character motivation is important, even in a simple platformer
  • A desktop / PC version of the game is desired
  • Alf... well, more 80s characters in general, but definitely more Alf!

Based on that feedback, there are a few things we've done already. First off, we've fleshed out new animations for the main character. Many found the initial character a bit flat and boring. Here's our new take on Dan the Man.

We've also worked out the backstory for the game, it's antagonist and the obligatory princess. This will be important as Dan progress from level to level and collects 80s items to increase his general in-game awesomeness.

Some of the things we're working on at the moment include:

  1. Exploring mechanics that make the game easier to play for mobile and/or PC (accelerometer, larger tap areas, etc.)
  2. Doing more than just reading about the genius of Super Mario Bros and Mega Man -- putting the knowledge to work in the early levels of the game
  3. Developing more 80s enemies and powerups to help combat them
  4. Assembling a simple 5 level demo folks can play through in about an hour

We're also working on the game's intro sequence, which includes the secret to Super 80s Time-Travel: the fusion of magnetic tape and 8-bit cartridge technology on a set of bitchin 80s wheels.

The main thing we're still trying to figure out is the level length. Do we go with really short levels (Super Meat Boy) or focus on more involved levels with multiple paths (Sonic)? The former feels like more of a fit for mobile, while the latter more of a fit for the desktop. Regardless of the direction levels should still end up taking less than 3 minutes to run through.

That's about it for now. We'd love your feedback.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the game, please let us know.


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