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Dr Noid Wormser hates the 80s. Picked on by his peers, invisible to girls and always picked last on the basketball court, he vowed to one day erase a decade of pain. Now, armed with his power glove of doom he's finally able to bend space-time to his will and realize his evil plan. Only one man has the power to stop him. That man is Dan Camaro.

An MTV icon and lead keytarist in his heyday, Dan Camaro never left the decade in spirit. He loves fast cars, loud guitars, big hair and leotards. If the 80s was a man, it would be Dan Camaro.

He comes home to find his house ransacked - his prize collection of 80s memorabilia stolen. In the static glow of a Zenith CRT he sees the shadow of his high school sweetheart Debbie.

He knows what he needs to do.

In the garage sits a Delorean DMC-12. It's time to take it for a spin...

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So pop your collar and flip your mullet

It's time to enter Super 80s World.

Can you save the 1980s in this retro platform runner?