If you liked the video games we grew up with and the pop culture of that decade, you'll love this game. Battle your favorite characters from the era as you run, jump, bounce and slide your way through the 1980s.


Super80sWorld has been in development for three years. The first five worlds are being released early next year:

  • 1980 - Wonder Years
  • 1981 - Miami Nice
  • 1982 - Arcadia
  • 1983 - Street Beatz
  • 1984 - Better Off Dead


40 levels of...

  • Running, Jumping, Bouncing, Sliding, Flipping, Stomping
  • Nostalgia, Neon, Mullets, Inside jokes
  • 8-bit Graphics, Synthesizers, Power Ups, Minigames


Trailer (Beta)  YouTube


  • Boss 4 0908ed65af3e5ac886353020633338b6acb573f8e7d61a8afb092370fff63a92
  • Backflip 81579f62f9e69993d373215ae36f278de0ddb7a8a7c143a700d2e3f2d86e6e21
  • Break ground 5acbe2a96fca31cd2c3b920e2070e92ebf6f1c180eb30305eb21fc6c75435da6
  • Triple 3f91d026c16cbc1bd67ff6de92dae5ac28a01528e99544dfb33af066b89d0457
  • Pinball cf4f2d940800ba4173af90309ef388d01316be71ca2d579e80266d0ae5e933e4
  • Etchy 25d547a7e77c04e8e934ccaff1ece2cb82d46f0b30b2c88431ddfe0c394f8ddd
  • Hippos 07d24ab15b0c64f5886e6bd457382f58538b385913e1aab35928ffae42b7752d
  • Miami 6058381a736dae64dbb063966e154ce8f8b93f730ce4d13c599d660240457294

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