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Noid Wormser
Sign:      Cancer
Invented:  16-Bit Gaming
Wheels:    Moped

Dr Noid Wormser

Wormser grew up on diet of 8-bit gaming, D&D and pizza. Still, his true love was the high school prom queen, Debbie What-ever. Unfortunately, Wormser was all but invisible to the opposite sex. If only the same could be said for the boys at John Hughes High.

The jocks focused much of their teen-aged angst on young Wormser. Four long years of wedgies, swishies and locker lock-ins left Noid with a very bad taste in his mouth. For four long years his hatred of the 80s festered.

After high school Wormser went on to receive his doctorate in 8-bit particle physics. His love for video games endured over the years leading him to develop ground breaking titles like "Omega Land", "McDroid" and "Super Hate World".

In the mid-1990s Dr. Wormser fell off the map - holed up in his Sunnyvale mansion, which came to be known simply as "House".

Rumours had it he was working on some new video game that could bend the fabric of space-time. Neighbors reported strange flashes of neon coming from the mansion late at night.