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Super 80s World is a mobile retro platformer currently in beta for iOS.

Five different worlds

The game contains 40 levels spread over five different worlds.

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Each year is a different world:

Real-world items to collect

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As you play through the levels you need to collect enough memorabilia to save that year.

This includes:

You can peruse your collection any time you want a trip down memory lane.

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Boss Scenes

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While mostly a platformer / runner style game, each world has one or more boss scenes where the hero, Dan Camaro, must face off against the evil Dr. Noid Wormser.

Skills to learn along the way

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Over the course of the game you'll learn new lots of new skills to keep things fresh:

Level Up

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As you progress you collect more memorabilia to reach higher levels of coolness. Here's a taste of the achievements you can attain:

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